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Bethany Campbell

Bethany has served as a Research Associate with OC International’s Global Research Team which is based in Worthing, United Kingdom. Currently Bethany is investigating potential research projects.

With a BA in Intercultural Studies and subsequent years working with a Humanitarian Aid NGO in the Middle East and as a Research Associate with Global Mapping International in the United States, she is a life-long learner, with a goal to honour God in all she does. Trained in various data collecting, she is an ethnographer at heart, having seen the need to present the gospel in a way that people can understand and accept.

Bethany loves taking photographs of her travels and is an avid appreciator of all kinds of art. She also appreciates eating ethnic meals and having good long conversations with friends. Born in Alberta, she has lived in multiple places in Western Canada and has attributed a lot of her love of cultures to the unique upbringing that can be found in multicultural Canada.

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