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Building Mentoring Communities: Listening and Learning Together
Building Mentoring Communities: Listening and Learning Together
Created by Troy on 3/3/2017 11:42:03 PM

This three day event offers participants a unique opportunity to explore the art and practice of spiritual mentoring.  Jointly sponsored by Outreach Canada ministries and Leighton Ford Ministries, our goal is to provide orientation and encouragement to leaders committed to the spiritual development of others, particularly those committed to outreach and evangelism. 


Greetings in Jesus’ name.  We are privileged to be hosting a unique event in the Montreal area sponsored by Leighton Ford Ministries and Outreach Canada, and would love for you to consider attending. 

Building Mentoring Communities:  Listening and learning together

June 11-14 (7 pm Sunday till 5 pm Wednesday)

Ermitage Sainte-Croix

21269, boul. Gouin Ouest Pierrefonds, Québec H9K 1C1


For almost 10 years, Leighton Ford Ministries (LFM) has been training mentors and creating mentoring communities that have had global impact.  In fact, LFM was invited by the Lausanne committee to provide mentors and mentor training for the Younger Leaders Gathering in Indonesia last year.  It was a phenomenal event that brought together 1000 emerging leaders and almost 150 mentors; many of these emerging leaders are receiving ongoing mentoring by those trained by LFM.

I (Barry Whatley) have received the mentoring training with LFM and was excited to be part of the Lausanne gathering as a mentor.  I also had the joy of participating in an LFM mentoring training event in Bangalore India with MaryKate Morse, who will be our main presenter in June.  Being exposed to the vision and heart of spiritual mentoring has captured my imagination and shaped my own ministry; and I believe that developing a mentoring ministry, and bringing leaders together in mentoring communities, is a timely strategy for our challenging context in Quebec and Eastern Ontario.  

The Vision

Leighton Ford’s own conviction is that leaders on the front lines of outreach and evangelism need particular spiritual undergirding and encouragement in order to thrive.  The mission of LFM captures this heart and vision:

To advocate and practice

the art of Christ-centered spiritual mentoring

from generation to generation

so as to enhance the spiritual, emotional, and relational health

of kingdom-seeking leaders

who have a passion to lead for Jesus, like Jesus, and to Jesus

and through his Spirit to be a part of God’s transforming presence

in their communities around the world.

The Event

Our three-day training event (beginning Sunday evening June 11th and finishing late Wednesday afternoon) provides participants with both the orientation to the ministry of spiritual mentoring and the opportunity to experience the dynamics of mentoring conversations and relationships.  We also are committed to creating an inter-generational dynamic with both “emerging” and “emerged” leaders present, and we hope that some mentoring relationships and mentoring communities will result from our time together. 

Our Presenters and Mentors

MaryKate Morse is our key main presenter.  Professor of Leadership and Spiritual Formation in the seminary at George Fox University (Portland, Oregon); she is the Lead Mentor for the Doctor of Ministry in Leadership & Spiritual Formation.   She is also a spiritual director and leadership mentor and coach, conference and retreat speaker, and author of a number of books, including Making Room for Leadership: Power, Space, and Influence and A Guidebook to Prayer.  An excellent communicator, she has been involved as a trainer and mentor with Leighton Ford Ministries for a number of years.

Barry Whatley is a missionary with Outreach Canada Ministries, a Canadian ministry committed to providing resources and training for the local church.   His passion is the spiritual development of leaders for the francophone world, with a special focus on Quebec and francophone Africa.  He has spent many years in pastoral ministry and theological education.  The heart of Barry’s personal vision is to serve leaders through coming alongside them with a listening ear, a timely word, and an expansive imagination.  He has been deeply impacted by the vision
and heart of LFM.



Marilyn Martin is an alumnus of Ambrose Seminary (formerly Canadian Theological Seminary) and has been involved in pastoral and teaching ministries.  Presently Marilyn works as a work place chaplain as well as mentoring individuals and groups.  In most recent years her focus has been on both the teaching and modelling of spiritual formation practices among diverse communities of believers.  Along with Barry, she has had the privilege of designing and conducting retreat and seminar events with the vision of establishing mentoring communities in Eastern Ontario.

The Details

Thanks to the help of LFM we are also able to offer this training at a reduced rate:  only $ 195 per participant, all-inclusive in the beautiful venue of the Ermitage on the west end of Montreal Island.  Our first event begins at 7 PM on Sunday June 11th, and we will wrap up before the evening meal on Wednesday June 14th.  This event will be held entirely in English, but there will be opportunity for some break-out groups to share in French.

Registration deadline:  May 31st (space is limited)

To register please click on the following link: REGISTER HERE

Or call Barry Whatley:  819-665-1471 (Ottawa-Gatineau); 514-386-4669 (Montreal)

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