Freedom from Hunger: Isaac's Story

Outreach Canada Website /Monday, November 23, 2020


Isaac* is a Christian leader in Bihar India. Isaac has been trained by our partners and he runs a small church and school near his home. This summer he reached out to our team in India for help. As the government imposed a nation-wide lockdown for COVID-19, many workers left the large cities and returned to their homes in the more rural areas. In some cases, these workers walked for hundreds of kilometers. They arrived home hungry, sick and weak. Some never made it home.

Isaac asked for help to provide food and basic provisions for these workers and their families who were experiencing desperate times. As a result of this act of kindness and compassion, over fifty people have decided to follow Jesus.

Food Security & Sharing the Good News

The story above started with an opportunity to provide food for those impacted by the COVID pandemic and also resulted in opportunities to share the good news of Jesus.  

Over the past several months, food security has already been provided for over 6000 families in India, with a total of 1.8 million meals. And like the story above, as food security is being provided, doors are being opened to share the good news of Jesus Christ.   

Freedom 25

Join us in our newest initiative, FREEDOM 25 – an opportunity to join in with what God is doing in India.

As the pandemic has unfolded, millions of day labourers and small business owners have lost their only source of income. A large population of underprivileged people are going underfed due to loss of resources and facilities. In desperation, women have turned to prostitution to feed their families.

The FREEDOM 25 Initiative will train and engage women who are on the streets in India to run community kitchens in their own neighbourhoods.

  • The aim is to pay women a daily wage allowing them to choose a different vocation for survival instead of prostituting themselves.
  • The community kitchens will then serve nutritious and hygienic food to the underprivileged population which will improve their immunity to further protect them from infections and be job ready.

Your gift of $25 provides enough food to feed a family of five for a full week. Larger gifts will help us open new community kitchens in new neighbourhoods. 



*Names have been changed for privacy & security purposes. Also, for privacy & security reasons, we are unable to share our own photos. But, in this photo from Unsplash, the joy in this man's face drew us in as we thought about the true freedom that each one of these new believers now experiences in Jesus. 



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