Freedom from Sex Work: Gina's Story

Outreach Canada Website / Tuesday, November 24, 2020


*Names have been changed for privacy & security purposes. Also, for privacy & security reasons, we are unable to share photos of the actual women & children in this story. This image has been generously shared with us showing women in India serving food in an outdoor kitchen. 

Gina's Story

Gina* is a young, teen-age girl in Delhi. She has spent much of her adolescence enslaved as a sex-trade worker. When our team rescued Gina from a hotel in Delhi she was sick and pregnant. After being cleared by the child welfare department, Gina came to live in a home with 32 other girls with the same experiences.

Today, Gina is doing well. She delivered a healthy baby and we are working with her to develop some important life skills and be reunited with her family. We are working with Gina and the other girls to provide education and skills so they will be able to provide for themselves and their children. They are experiencing the love of Jesus through the compassion and care of our team.

An Unnamed Girl's Story

It is a late night and the city is alive with activity. We have learned of another young girl who has been sold into slavery as a sex worker. Our sources indicate that she will be staying in a hotel near our ministry center. We work with the local police and child welfare department to locate the girl and a plan is made to rescue her. Things must happen quickly. The more people who know about our plans, the greater chance there is that someone will tip off the people holding her, and they will slip away.

With the support of police officers, we work quickly and intentionally. It is dangerous work, but tonight is successful. We have been able to rescue a young girl. She will spend the next twenty-four hours in police custody where she will be interviewed, they will begin the process of finding her parents, and she will receive medical attention.

Freedom from Sex Work & Sex Trafficking

Our partners in India are actively working to provide freedom from sex trafficking and from sex work. In our experience and based on other research, our team has seen a tremendous increase in human trafficking between India and neighbouring countries and also from within the country.

In both of the stories above, our partners have worked with minor girls in India who are survivors of sex trafficking and sexual abuse. The program works towards completion of the cycle from mitigation of trafficking to rescue of children, stabilisation of survivors, legal resource and aid, repatriation and rehabilitation into the mainstream.


In addition to the regular sex trade industry in India, many single parent mothers have had to turn to prostitution to feed their families in this challenging year. With no other sources of income, these women wait on the roadside for anyone who will provide them with some business.

In our newest FREEDOM 25 initiative, we are working to provide freedom from sex work for these women. You can join us in providing FREEDOM today!

Through FREEDOM 25, our team is helping women to develop community kitchens or food carts as small business opportunities. These women are provided with the basics to start a kitchen and provide nutritious food in their neighbourhoods at a very low cost.

The FREEDOM 25 Initiative will train and engage women who are on the streets in India to run community kitchens in their own neighbourhoods.

  • The aim is to pay women a daily wage allowing them to choose a different vocation for survival instead of prostituting themselves.
  • The community kitchens will then serve nutritious and hygienic food to the underprivileged population which will improve their immunity to further protect them from infections and be job ready.

By setting up a small business a young mother is able to provide food and income for her family and become a resource to her community. These lives are being transformed by the love of the gospel and the generosity of donors who provide a pathway to freedom.

DONATIONS to this project are no longer being accepted.


*Names have been changed for privacy & security purposes. Also, for privacy & security reasons, we are unable to share photos of the actual women & children in this story. This image has been generously shared with us showing women in India serving food in an outdoor kitchen. 




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