LMT Webinar: Where is the Real Jesus to be Found?

In this webinar, you are invited to hear an engaging comparative study on Isa of the Qur'an vs Jesus of the Bible, presented by Pastor Lane Davis. Saturday, May 28, 2022 on Zoom. 

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Monthly Day of Prayer & Fasting

Loving Muslims Together Network - Monthly Day of Prayer & Fasting

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Loving Muslims Together Webinar: Love Unending Ministries

In this webinar Pastor Melad will present and discuss what your church needs to reach Muslims for Christ and how to reach and disciple MBBs (Muslim Background Believers).

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6 Prayer Resources for Christians during Ramadan

6 Opportunities for Christians to pray during Ramadan.

Loving Muslims Together: Weekly Prayers

LMT Weekly Prayer Gatherings During Ramadan 2022.

Pray, Learn, Engage: A Journey for Christians during Ramadan

Opportunites for Christians to pray, learn, love and engage with Muslims during Ramadan.

Loving Muslims Together Webinar: Inspiring Testimonies

Come and hear an inspiring testimony of a former Muslim man who, as the first born son, had been chosen by his Grandfather to become an imam, but by God's grace, met Jesus and became a Pastor instead. 

Join us for this FREE online webinar on Thursday March 31, 2022.

Love, Truth & Power: An LMT Webinar

Love, Truth & Power: Three Aspects of a Faithful Witness that Leads Muslims to Faith in Jesus

Join us for this FREE online webinar on Wednesday, February 12, 2022.

The Joy of Evangelism

If you’re like me, when someone starts talking about the need to get more involved in evangelism, the first thought to come to mind isn’t ‘JOY’. Maybe its stress. Or guilt. Or shame. Or fear. Why do we feel that way?

And although many non-Christians are willing to engage in spiritual conversations, most Christians don’t start them. Why are we so reluctant?


Afghan Refugees: How can we Respond?

With the recent upheaval in Afghanistan, the Canadian government has committed to accept 40,000 refugees. Lorna calls the church to step up to help settle Afghan Refugees.

She also shares about an opportunity to suport the Jesus Network team, who have evacuated over 500 Christian Afghans and are working to bring these Christian Afghans to Canada as privately sponsered refugees.

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