Rescuing the Lost Language of Meaning

Some elements in modern culture have worked to repress/restrict our language usage--in particular what Charles Taylor calls the 'meta-biological', the language of significance. Restricted language means necessarily limited awareness/thinking capacity. This webinar is not about a lost civilization discovered by an anthropologist, but similar in some ways.


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Sent & Sending: Gord & Ute Carkner

A closer look at Gord & Ute's campus ministry at UBC. 

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Is there Rational Evidence for the Resurrection?

Some allege that the resurrection of Jesus was a hoax. We must decide whether there is a more plausible alternative than an actual physical, bodily resurrection. Much hangs on the answer.

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Science & Scientism

Dr. Ard Louis, Professor of Theoretical Physics at the University of Oxford, speaks on "Science and Scientism" in this online webinar. Dr. Paul Rowe, from Trinity Western University, speaks on "The Appeal of Caesar: the Future of Christians Living in the Authoritarian Context of the Middle East. 

An online Lecture from UBC Graduate and Faculty Christian Forum on April 6, 2022. 

Re-thinking our Myth of the Secular

Many people seem to be hungry for fresh perspectives on the current Western cultural ethos. Dr. Gordon E. Carkner argues that we need to urgently rethink our view of the 'secular'.

In this video, he reveals something quite astonishing in the work of eminent Canadian philosopher Charles Taylor.


Transcendent Goodness & Human Hospitality 

What are the theological and philosophical roots or drivers of hospitality? From his research on the self in late modernity, Dr. Carkner delves into this question.

The Perils of Radical Individualism

In this webinar, Dr. Gordon Carkner analyses what is at stake in a radical individualist stance. He explores the social and personal consequences of this ideology that grips our society. His trajectory leads into examining the alternative paradigm of the individual in community. He draws on the brilliant insights of philosophers, sociologists, psychologists and theologians who are aware of this major cultural ethos in the West.


The Genius of Truth

Dr. Gordon E. Carkner, a Meta-Educator with postgraduate students at UBC Vancouver, examines some of the critical parameters of the quest for truth. He offers some lucid clarifications in a day when many have given up on truth. From his broad experience in campus dialogue with creative interlocutors from around the world, he shows that truth is definitely worth fighting for: it is important and powerful for human flourishing. We should never, never give up on truth. He also shapes a discussion of how Christian faith, reason and the quest for truth is compatible.


Incarnational Spirituality Series: A New Horizon

Incarnational Spirituality Series: A New Horizon. Read part one, and find links to the rest of this blog series by Dr. Gordon E. Carkner.

Freedom, Identity and the Good: the Theological Ethics of Christian Community

Christian freedom flourishes within a trinitarian horizon. Trinitarian divine goodness proves to be a fruitful plausibility structure within which to think about human freedom, community and the moral self. Trinitarian goodness-freedom takes us to a higher dimension of the self. It reveals new possibilities for identity, discovery, and personal transformation within divine communion and human community. It is in the life of the God-man, Jesus, that we can visualize this energizing and life-giving dynamic.

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