The Genius of Truth

Dr. Gordon E. Carkner, a Meta-Educator with postgraduate students at UBC Vancouver, examines some of the critical parameters of the quest for truth. He offers some lucid clarifications in a day when many have given up on truth. From his broad experience in campus dialogue with creative interlocutors from around the world, he shows that truth is definitely worth fighting for: it is important and powerful for human flourishing. We should never, never give up on truth. He also shapes a discussion of how Christian faith, reason and the quest for truth is compatible.


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Incarnational Spirituality Series: A New Horizon

Incarnational Spirituality Series: A New Horizon. Read part one, and find links to the rest of this blog series by Dr. Gordon E. Carkner.

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Freedom, Identity and the Good: the Theological Ethics of Christian Community

Christian freedom flourishes within a trinitarian horizon. Trinitarian divine goodness proves to be a fruitful plausibility structure within which to think about human freedom, community and the moral self. Trinitarian goodness-freedom takes us to a higher dimension of the self. It reveals new possibilities for identity, discovery, and personal transformation within divine communion and human community. It is in the life of the God-man, Jesus, that we can visualize this energizing and life-giving dynamic.

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The Big Question: Why Do We Suffer?

Dr. Gordon E. Carkner leads an inspiring discussion on this key universal question. He claims that our worldview is critical to the understanding of suffering and how it operates in our lives. The presentation also moves on a trajectory of hope for finding meaning in suffering, and discovering how it can shape us for the better. Does suffering stifle or support belief in a Good God? Dr. Carkner points out a fatal flaw in the traditional argument marshalled by atheists against God. He offers significant resources to probe this topic in much more depth.


Charles Taylor and the Modern Search for Identity

In the modern quest for identity, there is no better place to turn than premiere Canadian philosopher Charles Taylor. In this video, Dr. Gordon Carkner, campus chaplain with graduate students and faculty at UBC Vancouver, discusses moral frameworks and offers fresh language and solutions for the modern identity crisis of Millennials. Spirituality-Morality-Identity are interwoven in this exploration of a mature (thick) identity.

The Existential Identity Crisis of Millennials

Dr. Gordon E. Carkner opens this sensitive discussion of Millennial angst from a compassionate stance. As a father of a Millennial and a UBC campus support person with Graduate Christian Union and the Graduate & Faculty Christian Forum, he maps some of the concerns weighing down this generation. He also points to some hopeful ways forward and resources that give wise guidance. Bottom Line: Millennials need to reconnect with the moral and the transcendent to build a resilient, thick identity. Great discussion tool for recent university graduates and their parents.


Protecting Democracy from the Outside

John Owen Lecture. Wednesday November 18, 2020 put on by the UBC Graduate & Faculty Christian Forum.

Gnosticism vs. the Gospel of Incarnation

Gnosticism, both historically and presently, offers a starkly alternative religion to Christianity and a constant temptation that appeals to the individual ego. It offers a religion “under our control, and on our terms.” However, we find some elements of the Gnostic outlook within the Christian community itself, seeking to shape its future. 

Sy Garte - UBC GFCF Lecture

For the benefit of you and your friends and family, here is the Sy Garte lecture from Thursday, October 1 put on by the UBC Graduate & Faculty Christian Forum, also sponsered in part by the Canadian Scientific & Christian Affiliation. 

Voices Around the World

Gordon & Ute Carkner share snippets from letters they've received from past alumni at UBC.

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