Serving Marketplace Leaders

In 2007  Outreach Canada stepped into ministry in the marketplace with the launch of Corporate Chaplains Canada.  Our chaplains are front-line missionaries.  They represent Christ in the workplace to come alongside Canadian workers in times of joy and in times of crisis.  By patiently listening and investing time building authentic relationships, they are often invited to share from their own experience and ultimately the Gospel. 

Our chaplains have witnessed the hand of God and the power of the Holy Spirit transform the lives of people from all walks of life.  Just as we read in the book of Acts, we have witnessed whole families choosing to follow Jesus.

Our “Face to Face Care” approach is distinct from typical employee care options available in some companies. Our chaplains  make regular weekly visits, building trust and genuine relationships which opens the door to providing support in times of need.

By being conscious of an employees’ physical, emotional, relational and spiritual needs, our Chaplains bring real and practical benefits to the company and the individual workers.