Serving Global Leaders

It might seem counter-intuitive that an organization called Outreach Canada is involved in Global ministry, but the qualities that make Canada unique as a nation are the very things that Canadian Christians can bring to the global stage. For those of us who have experienced the transforming work of the Spirit of God, these qualities can now be used wherever the need is greatest.
Despite current global events, God is at work in the world in amazing ways and His Church is flourishing as never before. However, the challenges remain daunting. Many communities have yet to encounter the Gospel. Leaders, often working in isolation, lack training, encouragement and even access to scripture.
In light of this we must confront two questions:
    How far are we willing to stretch? 
    What is “in our hands” that would benefit the world?
At Outreach Canada we believe that serving together 
with global leaders, we can help accelerate the transformation of our world as one by one people become disciples of Jesus Christ.
We have a place on the global stage to SERVE, DISCIPLE and TRANSFORM.  We are:
Long-term resident specialists;
Short-term trainers and coaches;
Strategic global partners;
Supported by hope-filled Canadians.
Are you ready to GO?