Freedom from Hunger: Mohamed's Story

A Freedom 25 Story. Mohamed and his family live under constant threat of violence. India can be a dangerous place for Muslims to live.

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A Story of a Network & a Bible

A woman in Canada discovers an Arabic website that tells stories about Jesus Christ. Growing up in the Middle East in a Muslim dominant nation, she had never heard these stories.

She was curious.

And hungry.

So, she took advantage of the offer for a free Bible. She entered her name, address and email, and then waited.

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Consider the purchasing power of $25 dollars here in Canada: A movie at the theater with popcorn and pop. Four or five large specialty coffees. Two months of Netflix. Dinner for two at McDonalds.

Today, in India, $25 will feed a family of five people for a full week!

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Freedom from Sex Work: Gina's Story

A Freedom 25 Story. Working towards freedom from sex work for women in India. 

Freedom from Hunger: Isaac's Story

A Freedom 25 Story. 

Isaac is a Christian leader in India, who runs a small church and school near his home. This summer he reached out to our team in India for help. 

The Power of Community: Welcoming Refugees

A Canadian couple shares their story of welcoming Syrian refugees into their community.

We are Christ's Ambassadors

Cristina Boersma, the National Coordinator for Loving Muslims Together, shares about a recent, encouraging conversation she had in this short video update. 

Making the Most of Every Opportunity

It has been estimated that around 57% of people who come to Christ do so through the printed word. In today’s fast paced world we may only have a moment to spend with a person, so “making the most of the opportunity” (Col. 4:5-6) by being prepared with a copy of the written Word, is the least we can do in fulfilling our obligation as ambassadors for Christ. (2 Cor. 5:20). 

In this article, Pastor Lane Davis shares a story of a time he shared a Farsi New Testament with an X-Ray Technician.

Perseverance & Love: A Salvation Story

The story of a Muslim woman coming to faith in Jesus!

All Ages the Church & Missions

The idea that older people can’t participate fully in society, let alone the church, is all too prevalent. Especially when it comes to missions. Pastor Norm suggests Intergenerational Ministry as a possible solution & encourages churches to include people across a variety of ages in church ministry, including short-term mission teams. 

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