What's Next? Hope Amidst the Mess

As we move into this next season, let’s not be surprised when things are messy or challenging. We need God! Let’s lean into him, as we navigate this new normal.

Wherever we may be, whatever is on the horizon, whatever comes our way, we anticipate that God is at work!

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Living in Hope

We are clinging to any sign of hope. Yet, it does not take long before we realize that these hopes are on shaky ground. Circumstances change and suddenly we are afloat, looking for another lifebuoy of hope on which to cling. Pandemics have a way of pulling back the curtain, revealing misplaced hope, and driving us deeper into the search for real hope.

My hope lies in binding myself to Jesus, above all else, and placing my hope in this greater narrative of resurrection. Resting in this hope, I can live a life of hope, even in a pandemic.

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The Relationship between Prayer & Witness

What is the role of prayer as we look to share our faith with others?

I confess my tendency when presented with the opportunity to speak out as a witness, is to immediately consider possible consequences for engaging in the witness role. Sometimes I engage the opportunity. Sometimes I hit the mental pause button and continue on pause until the opportunity is no longer there.


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Prompting of the Holy Spirit in the Early Church & our Neighbourhoods

The early believers experienced the full scope of the Spirit’s working and speaking.  This sensitivity to the Spirit was made possible through their steady commitment to worship and listening prayer. 

Exploring the prompting of the Holy Spirit -  in the early church & in our current neighbourhoods.


7 Characteristics of Effective Witnesses

Some of the most effective witnesses I've seen have surprised me. They don't look like what I imagine. They aren't necessarily well-educated, or financially stable, or well-established in society.

I've had the opportunity to work alongside some very fruitful witnesses, those who have seen many people choose to follow Jesus Christ, as the Holy Spirit empowered their efforts. Here's some things I've learned from watching them...

What Crime Shows Teach Us about Being a Good Witness

Growing up, I watched a lot of crime dramas and police shows and these days there are more of them than ever.

Whether they are trying to be funny or serious there is always a constant theme when trying to solve a crime: Finding a witness, or better yet multiple witnesses, and determining whether their accounts match up with each other and make sense with the physical evidence.

How the Church can make Disciples...even in a Pandemic

Disciple-Making Groups can be trained to function as small churches and can reproduce themselves more easily than large churches. Here's a simple template for how to run a Disciple-Making Group.

When You Feel like a Failure at Witnessing

Do you ever feel like me?  I know what I am supposed to do, but sometimes I feel guilty for not doing it well.  I suggest that most often, when we feel like we have failed, it is because we do not know where to start.  Witnessing doesn’t have to be hard, here are a few suggestions we can consider.


Being a witness to something extraordinary is nothing new. We witness the ordinary and extraordinary events taking place around us every day. Being a witness is normal. As disciples of Jesus, we are called to be witnesses to the transforming power of the gospel of Jesus Christ. 

What is The Church when it is not Meeting Publicly?

What does the church look like when no one is attending? Do we identify the church by the location, facility, staff, programs, and services?  If our understanding of the church is tied to these things, then the church may be facing a major crisis right now. 

When we take public gatherings and large worship services out of the equation, we still have the people of God, scattered in society where they can be the church.

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