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Between Pastors: Seizing the Opportunity

Between Pastors is a road map for those looking for help and direction when working with a congregation in pastoral transition. It is designed for the uninformed reader as well as the experienced practitioner. Practical and informative, it includes stories, illustrations, metaphors, and graphs intended to help bring the principles and concepts needed in order to facilitate a healthy pastoral transition. “An ideal balance between strategic analysis and Spirit-led leadership.” Gary Walsh “Useful for both the layperson and the transitional pastor.” Gerry Teichrob “I only wish I had had this book sooner.” Herb Neufeld

Yummo Comes Home

Yummo Comes Home is a 28 minute documentary video telling the story of an Okanogan/ Thompson Aboriginal man who revisits the Kamloops B.C. Residential School building where he was hurt to reclaim and bring back home his boyhood innocence and confidence. 


The Great Escape from Nihilism

This book is about a journey: out of the confines of nihilism into the heart of meaning. It presses the question: Does nihilism have the last word? The book addresses a contemporary crisis of faith, a crisis of identity, and a sense of lostness in late modernity.

The Unfinished Story - Church Coordinator Training

THE UNFINISHED STORY will help form a Biblical worldview that sees our participation with God in mission as an exciting adventure. NOTE: Church Coordinator training is required prior to accessing THE UNFINISHED STORY materials.

The Global Gospel

The Global Gospel describes how the honor/shame dynamics common to the Bible and many Majority World societies can be used to contextualize the gospel of Christ so it will be more widely received. 

Understanding and Loving Punjabi Sikhs

A collection of video resources designed to inform churches about their Sikh neighbours.

New Life in the Church

In this book, Kraft draws upon his experience as pastor, missionary and church health coach to tell the story of one church's struggle to get unstuck. Through a process of assessment and discovery, the pastor and congregation are able to cast a new vision for their future.

Mapping the Future

Mapping the Future is a robust, pro-active vision, a legacy document of what we might become, and how we might build out from where we are. It involves the energy of youthful entrepreneurs and creatives, as well as the deep wisdom of elder statespersons, and the voices of ancient saints.

Empowered to Influence - Church Coordinator Training

The EMPOWERED TO INFLUENCE (ETI) Course will benefit every believer, but especially those who are in the workplace. NOTE: Church Coordinator training is required prior to accessing EMPOWERED TO INFLUENCE materials.

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